About Mary Pascual

Mary PascualMary Pascual

Mary is a young med-school student in beautiful South Florida. As a featured blogger on ComprarHCG, Mary shares her healthy cooking recipes with our clients, subscribers and visitors.

In February of 2009 Mary joined our family after many years of free lance gigs and working for world renowned chefs. Every recipe or blog written by Ms. Pascual is from the heart, this is the reason why she blocks any requests for sponsored articles.

Mary’s feature cooking book “40+ Healthy Eats” is a gift to you when you begin any of the programs. This Digital Copy offers everyone from teens to retirees a healthy, yet delicious alternative to classic dishes everyone loves. A new found twist on Pizza, Burgers, Chicken Wings, and Desserts.

Pascual’s advice to anyone, whether you are on a diet or not: If you want to over eat it’s OK, just choose your foods wisely. The difference between 3oz of Shrimp to 3oz of Bacon is over 500 calories. You don’t have to be a doctor, but you should get educated on how to read the nutritional facts on the back of labels. It’s simple math when you know what the numbers mean.

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